Thursday, February 14, 2008

This is dedicated to the ones I love. . .

I found these pants in my drawer-o-stuff-to-be-embellished and stitched a Raggedy Ann and Andy to them. When she wiggles, they dance.

I usually don't like Sage to have guns but I gave him this one for Valentines Day. It shoots little cupids. He promised never to aim it at any living thing.

Erik looks a tad psycho here, but I love him nonetheless. Above him are some old doors we store on the ceiling of our garage. I told Sage they were a portal to another universe. He said he didn't want to go there.

Bella Bean.

Me with Kali O'Malley.

I made these miniature wall hangings for a Flickr Valentine swap. I figured strangers shouldn't be the only ones to get my love so I made two extra to send to my parents and Erik's parents, along with some handmade cards by Sage.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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woof nanny said...

smiling collie :)
that's the best!


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