Friday, February 15, 2008

Frift Friday

Okay, I usually show my thrifty finds on Thursday in conjunction with Thrift Thursday, but yesterday was Valentine's day and I wanted to give a shoutout to my loved ones instead. I haven't shown my recent acquisitions in a while. Thanks to Craigslist, I manage to find at least one decent sale a week. I got this haul last week in North Hollywood at a benefit sale for costumers affected by the writer's strike:

Remember how I said I need to stop being afraid to cut into my favorite fabric because new fabric will always take it's place? It's because I actively seek it out. I'm pretty sure there's enough fabric out there to ensure I'll never run out, I just have to go out and find it. I got the following fabric at an estate sale in Valley Village:

The house was a shrine to 1965 - gold and velvet wallpaper, bold printed curtains, mod furniture. You could tell the woman who lived there used to be quite the fashionista back in the day. Now though, she's in her 80s and unable to maintain the house so the sale was to fund her retirement. I'd rather give my money to a cause like this than any chain fabric store.

Check out this haul I got the other day:

Holy crap that's a lot of fabric! This is the kind of haul where I have to think up justifications for when Erik sees me come in the house with yet another bag of fabric. This stuff is exactly what I need for my banners and pillows so it was well worth my $26 investment. Plus! All the money went to benefit a senior center that cares for elderly people with Alzheimer's, so it's shopping I can feel doubly good about. When I went to the sale (at the North Hollywood Masonic Temple) there was a circle of old folks in the auditorium bouncing a ball around on a parachute. I wanted to join them.

Rather than searching for specific fabric and notions, I let what I find determine what I make. This keeps it interesting because every outing is an adventure. I never know what else is out there, when and where I'll find it, and what I'll turn it into. We'll see!


lisa {milkshake} said...

That's a whole lotta fabric!

{ps - I tagged you to tell seven things about yourself.}

Anonymous said...

You truly are the child of my dreams! I hope there is good sales while I am visiting next month! Love, MOM

sugarcreekstuff said...

We could never shop together, the shoving and clawing wouldn't be pretty.

beki said...

Oh my goodness, you really scored!


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