Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thrift Thursday - Containers

I feel like I'm always on a quest to find the perfect thing to contain all our other things. I'm picky too because I know how much it sucks when you pick the wrong thing and have to live with it. I've done that with cars, couches, curtains, etc. The best feeling is the day you find that perfect thing you've been looking for. Last Friday I found this:

A storage bench. A huge handmade seating area with enough space to hold almost all our instruments. Nevermind all the papers taped to the wall and all that wood (we're eventually going to paint over it). At least now the nook is more inviting, no?

And baby-proofed. I called Erik from the thrift store when I saw the bench and said, "This is it! I found it! Come home soon and help me get it! It's only $50!" Look how much it holds:

Amps, a keyboard, trombone, and a billion little instruments Sage likes to play. Sometimes we get them out and have band practice (translation: make noise). Erik thinks if I show pictures like this we'll get robbed. I doubt any of you would rob us, but if you do, remember that the amps are in the storage bench.

Speaking of storage, I also got this last Thursday:

I think I'll use it for sewing notions.

Sage found this, a container of sorts for his arms and torso:

It's a vintage houndstooth jacket that zips up the side. He actually asked me please if he could have it. With his new crewcut he looks straight out of 1962.


lisa {milkshake} said...

Sage is stylin'!

I also love containers. I'm looking for one to contain all Malayna's junk (oops, I mean stuff) in her room. I think I could open a store with all the containers I've found that are wrong!

Great find!

Anonymous said...

hah, good to know about the amps! :D

Great find!


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