Monday, January 14, 2008

Made by Monday

I thought after the holidays that I'd have all this time to make all new things for kokoleo. We've been back for two weeks now and I have little to show for it. Where does the time go? The time goes to the grocery store and to and from kindergarten and to the car repair shop. Time has to pick up toys and vacuum and do laundry and nurse a baby. Sometimes though, the stars align and time finds a chance to slip into the studio and sew. Here's what I had time to make this week:

For me!

A sewing machine cover made out of neckties. I was working on another project and laid a bunch of ties on top of my machine and then got the idea to do this. I'm mad at that machine right now anyway and this makes it nicer to look at.

I have a whole slew of personalized pieces in the works right now, mostly for my friends who are breeding like rabbits. These two are for a customer:

Goals for this week: Finish banners, clean up website.

1 comment:

sugarcreekstuff said...

That sewing machine looks so dressed up and the pillows look great!


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