Monday, May 07, 2007

Made by Monday

I'm going to start a new ritual for myself. (We'll see how long it lasts.) Every Monday I'm going to post pictures of the things I made during the preceding week. Usually people assess their weekly achievements on Friday or the weekends. I'm going to assess them on Mondays because, well, "Made by Monday" is alliterative and sounds better than "made by anyotherday."

Back in January I made a New Years resolution to "make something new every day." That didn't last too long because, quite frankly, some days (okay most days) it's all I can do just to make dinner (thankfully my husband is a pretty good cook). So I changed the goal to be "make new things every week" and have been able to keep up with that. Here now is what I made since last Monday:

For Jill, a return customer from Seattle:

It was for a girl, hence the non-masculine colors. The personalized commissions have been pretty steady and I have yet to get bored of doing them because, just like the kids I make them for, each one is totally different from others.

Another pillow, just because:

I got the front fabric of the girl and the bear on ebay. Believe it or not it's the exact print that covered my walls when I was a wee girl growing up in the 1970s. Well, that fabric is more blue. My wallpaper was in the pink color scheme which I have yet to find. A few weeks ago I scored a few yards of the orange color scheme fabric on ebay. Imagine having all these creatures covering your walls and staring down at you every night:

(edit: I found a picture of my old room. The little girl is my cousin Katy)

Those creatures were my friends and I loved them. I think I'm going to make that panel into curtains for my little girl so I can trip out the next generation.

I also made this purse this week

for no reason other than I laid the calendar linen on top of the orange embossed vinyl naugahyde and thought, "Hey, those look good together" and a few hours later they were together in a purse.

And lastly, a tie cuff:

I usually make a few of these a week because people at craft shows tend to go for them. Also, I've always loved working with neckties. Right now I'm stockpiling a bunch of necktie cuffs, necklaces, headbands, brooches, and glasses cases to sell at whatever craft show I do next. I'm trying to figure out a way to show/sell them on my website but haven't yet found the time to tackle that task.

Ack! It's almost midnight! I have to post this before it turns into Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Your new ball fringe pillow did strange things to my head. I started thinking, "Why in the world does that girl and bear look so familiar?", and I just couldn't place it until you mentioned wallpaper. Ah, sleepovers!

Susie Bee

KB said...

Ha! Imagine my excitement when I found it on ebay. Flashbacks! I love it and all, but what were my parents thinking?! No wonder my design sensibilities are a little but warped.


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