Monday, May 21, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

I should have known today was going to be weird by the way it started. I overslept, and instead of taking a shower (don't worry, I had taken one the day before) I pulled my hair up into one of those clippy things, threw on some clothes, got Sage set up with breakfast (Erik takes him to school), and headed out the door. I stopped at 7-11 for a coffee (no pregnant-ladies-shouldn't-
drink-coffee lectures, please), oatmeal cookie, banana, and fruit bowl. Trying to balance it all, I spilled the coffee on the counter. "Rough morning?" the guy laughed. I'm glad he laughed.

I got to school on time. It was a good thing too because I ended up having to cover for the 2nd and 3rd grade classes whose teachers were out sick or on field trips. So I'm thrown into a room with 20-some kids and little direction. That's okay though. They don't scare me. The day even went relatively well. I don't talk about my days at school on my blog much because it seems like a conflict of interest, but this year has proven to me, more than ever, that I can handle just about anything.

One lingering problem though was my shirt. It must have been sitting damp in our lame dryer or something because all through the day I kept getting vague whiffs of mustiness. That, plus the occassional kid-fart, plus random wafts of unwashed kid-hair assaulted my senses all day. To top it off, I found some old milky coffee drink that I had left in my classroom last week and the little bit left at the bottom of the travel mug had turned RANCID. Rather than pour it out at school and make everyone else sick, I put it in my car to take it home for decontamination. Trouble is, on my way home, I went around a turn and it fell out of it's cup holder, spilling this chunky stuff that smelled like rotten vomit all over the passenger side carpet. The whole car reeked so much that on my way to pick up Sage at preschool I had to drive with all the windows down and my head out one of them gagging all the way. As soon as Sage got in the car he said, "Eww mom! What's that SMELL?!"

Aaaanyway, not all the fabric in my life smells bad, I swear. I make sure anything with a kokoleo tag attached is clean and fresh and ready to wear, I promise.

Here are a few things I made this week:

These are meant to go with my friend Andrea's valances that I made last week. They're a surprise though, so I hope she's not reading this.

I also made a few more tie cuffs and necklaces. At a yard sale this weekend, a lady gave me this rack for free:

And, because there's no rhyme or reason to the randomness of what I make, tonight I made these:

I held one up to show Erik and he looked at me rather puzzled and said, "So what is the statement you're trying to make with that?" I don't know! I haven't made many baby clothes lately and figured it was time to crank out a few. I have all sorts of ideas and intentions for some new sundresses, pants, hats, etc. So long as my belly doesn't grow to unusual proportions, I might even be able to make a few this summer. We'll see!


textile_fetish said...

That "I can handle anything" attitude will serve you well in the years to come!!" Poor KB.

I want to go yard sale-ing with you, though. You always get the good stuff! scam said...

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