Monday, April 25, 2011

Some recent commissions

There was a brief time in my blogging past that I did Made By Monday posts where I blogged about whatever I made that week. I'm going to try to revive that tradition. But first, here are a few commissions that I made within the last couple months.

First, this banner, my first-ever black and white one:

The recipient told me her newborn daughter stares at it all the time, which make a lot of sense since babies can't see colors well when they're wee little. No one had ever asked for a black and white one before so I never thought to offer it as an option.

I also made these pillows:

 A shopper on Etsy contacted me and told me she loved my Oldskool Sesame Street Sundress, but it was too small for her daughter and could I possibly make another one. Luckily, I had enough of the fabric left to make one, and this is what I made for her:

I also made this dress:


For a Facebook fan and fellow blogger Becky of Chicken Wire and Paper Flowers whose daughter was going to attend a Picasso exhibit in Richmond, Virginia. She had seen my toddler Picasso dress and wondered if I could make one to fit a ten year old. She even blogged about it here and posted this awesome picture of her stylin' girl.

It's customers like this that make me happy to be back in the commission business.


Becky said...

We're happy you're in the commission business!

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