Friday, January 07, 2011

Kokoleo Personalized Banners and Pillows are back!

A year and a half ago I announced that I would no longer be making personalized kokoleo items.  During my hiatus though, I made a few for some friends and longtime customers. Like these banners:

and these pillows:


and these pillowcases:


One of my kokoleo banners was even on t.v. last fall! My friend Susan and her husband were featured on the show Property Virgins and at the very beginning, for a few seconds you can see the banner I made for their daughter Lily. Cool! Here's a screen shot I took:

Now that I'm settled in a new studio I've decided to start offering them again. I'm not advertising this service so I don't get too swamped with orders and burn out again, but I'm happy to make them for my loyal customers, blog readers, Facebook fans, and friends. (Become a fan of kokoleo on Facebook and I'll give you 15% off your order.) Thanks to everyone who has appreciated my work over the years, I'm happy to be making these again.


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