Monday, May 03, 2010

Dress-A-Day #1: Pillowcase Daisies

Last month I went on a little sewing spree. It was long overdue. I forgot how much I loved it. I missed those nights when I'd stay up until the wee hours with fabric flying and bobbins tangling around my ankles as I moved from machine to machine. Did you know that if you read the manuals to your sewing machines you can learn how to use them better? It's amazing. Consequently, I've been trying our new techniques and making new patterns and I'm loving the results. I've also been ruthlessly using fabric and embellishments I've been holding on to for years. What good are they doing just sitting on shelves and in drawers? I need to send them back out into the world to dance around.

So I started by making some new sundresses for McKenna. She gets all the prototypes of my new line of kokoleos (coming soon). Thankfully, she loves everything I make for her (my cooking is another story). She even asks me when I'm in my studio, "You gonna make me something?" How can I resist? I didn't make her anything for 6 months, so last month I made her 6 new outfits.

The first one I made was a pillowcase dress. I've seen them before and always wanted to make one so I figured out my own way to do it. Afterward, I made 4 more (coming soon). Now I'm on a mission to find more pillowcases.

Here's our photoshoot for that dress. It got a little messy, but that's okay because it's hers.

We had another photo shoot the next day where she modeled the rest of them. I'm going to try to show you a new one every day. Maybe I'll even make one more to make it an even 7.


lisa {milkshake} said...

These are great pictures, KB! So, will there be any great Kokoleo stuff in size 7? Pretty please?

Jennifer H-F said...

She is so adorable, KB! I love McKenna as fashion model.

Heidi said...

what a cutie pie!love the dress!

Anonymous said...

I love pillowcase dresses! I also love your blog!

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