Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thrift Thursday - Me and my stylin' sandals.

Check out these awesome shoes I got yesterday:

As I was driving home I was all happy thinking about my cool new shoes. They're everything I love in a sandal - wooden wedge heel, tooled and painted leather, never worn, and they fit me perfectly. And only $4.99! I was so proud of my thrifty stylin' self.


Don't be. I put them on when I got home, walked 3 steps across the room, and this happened:

I stood there for a second and thought, Why is my foot no longer in that shoe I just put on?And then looked down and saw this. Oh well, I'll just chalk it up as my weekly donation to Goodwill. Maybe that $5 will help to clothe someone in need, hopefully in better shoes than these.


Anonymous said...

i was so excited when i saw the shoe picture, i was imagining you wearing them, i was trying to remember if we ever had any like them in the shop, then fab-shoe-us interruptus ! oh well, there will be another pair someday....annette

Anonymous said...

So sad…I suggest you to add some more money and get a new sandals from Payless at very cheap price.

KB said...

Thanks for the sucky advice Spambot alyrose!


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