Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Studio Tuesday - The Clocktower

I got this tower at Target because it fit perfectly in this little space by the door. I even built it myself and screwed it to the wall. It makes a good bookcase/storage unit. The clock on top came from Ikea's clearance section ($10!). I like how it makes the whole unit look like a funky grandfather clock.

The cabinet hides a bunch of random whatnots:

Closeup of the shelves:

That "Musical Machine" plays the most annoying music ever. Naturally, Sage loves it. I haven't actually figured out how to thread it but he doesn't care. He likes to"make Braille" and watch the needle punch holes in paper.

That tin holds all my embroidery floss. I'm telling you this so I will remember it. I put them all in there a while ago and then when I needed some I completely forgot where I put them. I searched forever, gave up, and then found them days later. They're hidden in plain view.

That little pitcher is the perfect water dispenser for my iron. It holds the right amount and looks pretty too, unlike an unsightly water bottle which I'd been using for years.

I didn't even realize that the clock opened up until I got it home. The wooden boxes hold my kokoleo clothing labels and the tins hold special buttons.

Now, next time I forget where any of these things are, I'll just come read this blog.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a great find - it fits the space perfectly and it is surprising how much you have been able to store in there!

sugarcreekstuff said...

Who knew storage could be so cute and practical. I also use the water bottle method for my iron. I don't have a cute shelf and pitcher to keep it in.
I like the Tuesday tour, I'm still waiting on those bathroom pics. ;-)

Claudia said...

You're so inspiring:)

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious! And it makes me feel better to know that someone else's brain is as random and and deliciously rambling as mine is. I do that: "This is the perfect container, it makes me feel good and reminds me of Sunday mornings in England!" and then I can't find the stuff I put in it...


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