Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stitch My Ass

Last Saturday was Felt Club at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood and again, it was a blast. I actually sold less but somehow I think I had more fun. Go figure. It's just such a great atmosphere in which to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. Check out the pictures here.

One customer who bought some kokoleo baby clothes at the last show and some more this time informed me that she was buying them for Jack Black's baby. (Am I supposed to keep this info on the down low? I'm not sure about the L.A. protocol here.) Anyway, WooHoo! My first celebrikid! (that I know of, that is). Congrats to the Blacks! Wait, that just sounds wrong. Welcome to the world, kid.

Here's my booth, er, um, scaffolding/tower/installation thing. I envy the vendors who sell small stuff and can fit all their wares in one box and can set up and take down within minutes. For some reason I am incapable of simplicity.

I really must take some time here to thank the ladies at Junk in Our Trunk who, true to their name, were looking out for the junk in my trunk when they informed me that I had a six inch rip in the ass of my dress. See?

Lovely. Of course, I learned this a few hours into the show after much bending over and running about. Klassy. Luckily I had a needle and thread on hand to fix it, which was not an easy task to do without taking off the dress.

Aaaanyway, enough about my ass, look at all the cool stuff I scored!

I bought an illustrated card from Jaime Zollars. It reminded me of Sage in bed under a quilt with a monster by his side and butterflies all around. I also did some great trades and got dinosaur earrings and pins from Wendy, the Singing Librarian, a little voodoo guy and soap from BiggerKrissy, a flower barrette and "L.A. scarf" from Handmade Pretties and a bunch of cool jewelry from beebalalou. Whee!

On Sunday I took Sage to the Los Feliz Village Street Fair and watched him brave the giant bouncy tent/obstacle course/slide monstrosities with no fear whatsoever. My little boy is growin' up! At the Griffith Park Neighborhood Council booth he won (okay, the girl let him win) this:

the latest addition to the VanHorn clan. He name it Goldie.


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