Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blasts from my past

Since I launched kokoleo online and starting blogging over a year ago, one of the coolest things to happen is that blasts from my past pop up to say hi. Yesterday I received and email from my former neighbor and best friend in Parkersburg, WV. She's now a mom of one (soon to be two) living in Virginia. Hi Susan! Remember this?

I don't. But I do remember your swingset (that's the old one in the picture, before the cooler newer one) and playing in your basement and our lemonade stand and walking around the block to the Quaker State for candy lipstick. Good times.

Another friend from Parkersburg Googled my name one day and stumbled upon kokoleo. Courtney now lives in Nebraska and works as a wildlife biologist. Here she is (the curly haired one) beside me (in my fancy Burger King crown). Susan is on the other side.

I moved to Wheeling West Virginia in 1984 and hadn't heard from those girls since. It's a great thing, this Internet stuff. Also, thanks to kokoleo, I've been contacted by my friend Katie from Wheeling. Katie lives in Ohio and is a mom of two boys. Here we are on the Homecoming Court in 1992:

Others who have contacted me are Dave, my friend from Spanish class (he's now a paramedic near Pittsburgh) and Rachel from Shepherd College (a teacher and mom in Virginia). We're all growing up into such fine upstanding citizens! Also, I know my friend Jessie in Shepherdstown sometimes visits my blog when she's at work on the town paper. Get back to work Jessie! Here we are at our going away party. Sniff. I miss you girls.

Now, who else is out there? Speak up! If you're Googling Karebeth Price you won't find much. I go by KB now. There you go. Now contact me. Tell me what you've been up to. Don't be intimidated by the fact that I might post awkward childhood photos of you. It was the 80s. Everyone was awkward back then.


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