Sunday, July 10, 2011

Art to pee by

Here are some close-ups of our bathroom art:

I purchase those two paintings at St. Vincent's thrift store last month and paid $50 - more than I'd ever paid for art from a thrift store before. I just had to though. I fell in love. The detail is amazing and the egg imagry goes so well with a bird theme we have going around our house. The trees reminded me of the view in our backyard in Bedington, WV too. The colors in these paintings soon became my inspiration for the bathroom.

 This screen-print on fabric is from Ikea. It was hanging in our downstairs hall and while I was shopping around the house for more bathroom art, I realized it would be perfect.

This is a painting Sage made when he was 5. It's a snail. I love it.

I got this tile in San Antonio when I was 8 months pregnant with Sage and it's been in hte bathroom of every house we've lived in ever since.

This is a collage I got at All Aboard! in Atwater Village. The top got damage in our move so I added the sunshine at the top to cover it up.


Thank you for visiting the VanHorn family gallery bathroom. Don't forget to flush!


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