Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Yard Sale Season in Seattle!

After living in Los Angeles for the past few years and being spoiled by the year-round yard sales, then living without them during the cold and moist Northwest winter, I'm super-excited for the start of Seattle-area yard sales. Last weekend, when we had zero obligations and I saw the forecast predicting sun and mild temperatures, on Friday night I hit up craigslist for local garage sale info and together with Mapquest mapped out a route close to home. Here's what I scored...

Embroidered linens, $2.50:

Various sewing notions including an unused herb-themed Irish linen, $3:

Books for McKenna + handmade barrettes and pony tail ties, $2:

A Henry McKenna whiskey jug, $1:

A shirt, gameboy game and Nerf frisbee/ball for Sage, $3.50:

Handmade hummingbird earrings for me, $1 (she gave me a deal):

And, my favorite deals of the day because they're hard to find and sell for way more on ebay...

Return of the Jedi sheets and pillowcase, $1:

I'm still torn between letting Sage have them and cutting them up for kokoleo clothes.

Also, 3 Butterprint Pyrex nesting bowls, for THIRTY CENTS.

The sweet old lady up the street had no idea they were worth more so I ended up buying a few more things, all priced ridiculously low, and gave her $5 just because seeing those bowls for THIRTY CENTS made my day.


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Danielle said...

Awesome haul. Butterprint is my favourite pyrex pattern!


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