Monday, May 02, 2011

Made by Monday - a slew of sundresses

My sundress stock has dwindled recently (yay sales!) so I thought it was time to stitch up a new slew of them. Here's what I made this week:

Awww, Bambi. I'm getting near the end of this sheet and I'm going to miss it when it's all gone.

But guess who's back! Raggedy Anne!

I made a series of these a few years ago but ran out of the material. I'm saving as much as I can by having contrasting backs.

They're so vibrant and bold. I love it.

Speaking of sheets I love, here's one:

I had these sheets (well, not these in particular, but ones exactly like them) when I was little. They sure do make for a beautiful spring sundress.

I'm working on a series of Space Needle stuff (I'll save them for another post) and came up with this:

Before I got hung up on bedsheet sundresses I used to do lots of applique. I think I need to get back into it.

And finally, something a little different... SpongeBob!

It's rare that I work with a material that's not vintage, but McKenna convinced me that it would be all the rage with her crowd. It was originally a pillowcase and the other side had Patrick Star on it, so there's a Patrick dress in the works too. I added some vintage buttons and trim to make it a true kokoleo. It turned out nearly as obnoxious as his voice.

The Etsy Rain Spring Handmade Craft Show is in 5 days! Back to the sweatshop.


Becky said...

Spongebob rocks, in our opinions here.

I had a comforter growing up similar to that patchwork fabric.

I have some great vintage fabric I'm going to send you photos of to see if you want it. Sound okay? I need to clean out the stash.

Unknown said...

Sure. I'd love that. Thanks!

Lani said...

What fun! I love this idea!


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