Monday, August 18, 2008

Made by August

From the looks of the last few entries you'd think all I've been doing this summer is all-kids-all-the-time with the random friend visit and family vacation thrown in. Amidst it all I've managed to make some stuff, which I tend to promptly put away and forget about. A few weeks later I look at these things again and wonder why I spent so much time immersed in / obsessed with that project. For me, I've found, the process is more important. I got a little hopped up on Mod Podge last month and made a few things, like this mirror:

and this one: and this box to hold my buttons:

all of which were inspired by the vintage Women's Day magazine pictures, pattern pieces and Mod Podge messing up my studio while I was making these:

(and that's only half of them) but that's another story altogether which I'll tell another time.

Then the urge to make a purse hit me, so I made this:

and this:
because I'd recently acquired these awesome velvet tapestries and decided they needed to be turned into something practical. I just love petting these, they're so soft and furry, plus I'm pretty proud of my flat bottoms too.

One day, ironically at the American Way, I was buying this:

to replace our tattered one. Don't get me wrong, we're neither rednecks nor Republicans, but for some reason the two houses we've owned have both had giant flagpoles out front so I feel compelled to fly Old Glory. Oh yeah, and I love my country too. But as I was checking out I noticed there was something stuck to the flag's hanger - a vintage corkscrew linen with a "Made in France" tag still attached. It was cute enough, and only $1.79, so I went ahead and bought it and came home and made this:

It's hard for me to plan what I'm going to make because the things I acquire determine it for me. It's more fun that way. When I try to mass-produce things I think people will like, I get bored. Now that the economy is in the toilet I figure people aren't interested in buying odd handmade one-of-a-kinds anymore, so I'm not even trying to "market" them. I'm just making them, and trusting that one day they'll end up with someone who appreciates them.


Anonymous said...

That chick with the cha cha pants on your mirror really takes me back. I remember being down my basement with you and coming across some of my mom's old patterns and laughing our heads off over the name and concept of cha cha pants.
You make cool stuff!
Susan (Bee) Shettle

Anonymous said...

hi kb, we get to LA on is so soon ! i am ready to hang out and do some thrifting...annette

KB said...

Susan - Those patterns probably stuck in my subconscious and are what's causing me to obsessively cut up and rearrange them. It's the Bee's fault!

Annette - Yay! I can't wait!

sugarcreekstuff said...

I have always regreted making things just to sell them. Making things I love, it may take awhile but they usually find the right person and home.
That corkscrew bag is beyond cool.

Anonymous said...

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We had a similar kit, and I found the process hard to photograph. Even the butterflies had to be urged to open their wings and look pretty for the camera.


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