Friday, December 07, 2007

Thrift Friday

I'm still figuring out this new camera. I couldn't get all the do-hickeys together to upload these photos in time for Thrift Thursday. Thrift Friday just doesn't have the same ring to it. Oh well, check this out:

I just liked it for the birdies but when I got it home I found that it was a Pyrex piece from 1975. I never knew how much I loved Pyrex until I joined the Pyrex Love group on Flickr. Now it seems my radar is fine-tuned to find it. Pyrex + Birdies = Happiness.

They have nothing to do with one another except for the fact that I got them both at the American Way in Burbank - a vintage sailor dress for McKenna (with anchors! so trendy!) and a tie for me (to cut up). The tie came in a bag with 4 others that I didn't care so much about, but this one has "Capitalist Tool" written all over it. Ha! Indeed.

Also this "Glass Cloth":

An octopus, some wine, and a bunch of happy vegetables who have no idea they're about to be BOILED ALIVE. Cute!

Speaking of thriftiness, wanna save some money and support some indie crafters by buying handmade this holiday season? Here are some sales from some of my internet pals (Note to other internet pals - tell me about your sales and I'll add them to this list.):

Sommer Designs
is offering free shipping through December 15th.

Gerbera Designs is offering free shipping through December 10th.

Textile Fetish is having a sale on Needle Cases and card Holders.

Michelle Caplan is offering up to 30% off her artwork. (I want this one if someone wants to play Santa.)

Screw the malls - buy handmade!


Anonymous said...

I had that same Pyrex container in a bigger size. It did not last long--you probably broke it reaching for cookies! Love, MOM

KB said...

Wow, no wonder I was so drawn to it. Yeah, when I picked it up I thought, this feels like something Sage will break. scam said...

This is a cool site and I wanted to post a note to tell you, nice job! Thanks, ... Love the Look


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