Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Craftmas Bizarre 3

Before I get swept up in all the Christmas hooplah, I want to show some pictures from the Craftmas Bizarre 3 at the FAKE the other day. It was such a fun show. I sent a bunch of stuff I've been carrying around off to new homes and my faith in craft shows has been restored. I loved my spot and my vendor neighbors and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Look!

Awesome customers:

Live entertainment:

Plus a cool gallery with a funky (in a good way) bathroom:

At one point, I look across the room and saw a cute guy holding an adorable baby. Then Sage's head popped up and said, "Hi mom!" It was my family!

All three survived their first ever outing with dad all by himself. They stayed long enough to eat some Holy Toast and Magic Pickles:

Made by Stacy McQueen (a.k.a. the Craft Whore):

Who organized the whole she-bang with help from her trusty sidekick Steve:

These two win the award for being the coolest people in Hollywood in my book, not only because they pulled off a kickass show, but also because they insisted on waiting for AAA with me when my car wouldn't start after we had all packed up. (Way to end an awesome show there, KB.)

If you're ever stranded on a dark corner of Melrose on a Sunday night, call those two to come hang out with you. They're hilarious. Thank you Stacy and Steve!

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