Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Attempting Christmas photos

Last night was the Disney Family Holiday party at Disneyland where they only open the park to Disney employees and their families. This was our third year attending and our first with McKenna.

It's a small girl after all.

This place is so trippy.

We always try to get our family picture taken for our Christmas cards while we're here.

Eh. That's no good.

Too far away.

The kids look cute here, but no Erik. Plus, my scarf seems to be slithering away from me.

Kinda cute, but McKenna looks uncomfortable.

This one cracks me up. Erik looks fine but Sage is (as always) looking somewhere else, McKenna is crying and I look positively crazy.

I guess we'll keep trying. Until then, here:


Anonymous said...

Ooo, going to Disneyland when it's closed to the public sounds like heaven to me!

KB said...

Actually, it's almost as crowded as it is on any other day. Nearly half of Hollywood works for the Mouse! Or least, it seems like it sometimes.

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