Saturday, September 22, 2007

Girls! Girls! Girls!

My blogging has slacked recently because if I'm not carting Sage to and from kindergarten, I'm busy being McKenna's personal milk machine. For the most part though, life has been easy. Sage loves his "lil sis" and she adores her "big bro."

I love having a girl. Don't get me wrong, I love my boy too. I enjoy dinosaurs and pirates as much as the next mom, but I'm looking forward to venturing into the girl world. I can't wait to put McKenna's hair in little pigtails with those plastic Goody barettes (I'm lucky if Sage lets me get a comb near his) . I'm excited about doing all those mother/daughter things like shopping and sharing nail polish and necklaces.

And then when she's older, shopping for stuff like makeup and prom dresses. Maybe she'll want to wear mine?

It was vintage then, it'll be almost an antique by the time she's ready for it. Speaking of vintage dresses, I had a bit of girlie inspiration in my sewing room this weekend and made these little girl outfits with some vintage fabric I'd been holding on to:

Those are size 2T and 4T. The fabric is from the 70s and has little girls blowing bubbles, playing piano, and taking care of kittens.

These are little schoolgirl-themed sundresses, size 12 months and 2T:

and I made two of this outfit, one is 12-18 months and the other is 18-24 months:

They'll all be up on the website soon. I made them in bigger sizes so I'm not tempted to keep them all for McKenna. There's plenty of time (and fabric) to build her a kokoleo wardrobe, but for now I need to save up money for diapers. . . and Goody barettes, and nail polish, and prom dresses!


lisa {milkshake} said...

The girl world IS fun! That is, if your girl LETS you put barettes in her hair...

Love the outfits! Wish they would fit Malayna :)

KB said...

Yeah, I guess I should take into account the fact that she'll probably have a mind of her own. Her brother sure does.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Love the pics! You have some fancy plans for McKenna :)
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