Saturday, April 28, 2007

Going BROWN?

On Friday after work and after I had run a bunch of preschool/post office/bank errands, something told me to turn down Lankershim Ave. and check out this thrift store I rarely visit. I just had a gut feeling there was something there for me. Erik says at least it's a good thing that I don't hear these voices compelling me to places like Nordstroms or Macy's. We'd be in real trouble then. Anyway. Here's what I found:

It has lots of the elements I love in a likable thing - birds, branches, flowers, and leaves, not to mention the fact that it was less than a dollar. It's a nice size too.

Speaking of birds. . .

This pendant was actually a pair of earrings that were wayyy too lobe-stretchingly heavy for anyone in her right mind to wear. In the same jewelry case I saw a bag of 6 wire necklaces for $2.50, so I got those as well and came home and combined them to make this necklace, and another that I'm selling on ebay.

After updating my shop yesterday I noticed a lot of my recent creations have been very brown as well. Case in point:

A pillow made from a 1974 calander linen I got on ebay. It's typical 1970's kitchen colors - brown, mustard yellow, olive green, and burnt orange. It's like they were inspired by condiment trays or something back then. Nowadays it's all about the sleek and shiny.

I've even been brown-bagging it lately. See?

The leopard one was inspired by/designed around a needlepoint piece I picked up at a yard sale a few months ago and the other one is made from this vintage velvet upholstery I picked up at a designer's estate sale in Burbank last fall.

I guess I should be thinking about my "Spring Line" and making stuff that's bright and cheery. Or I could just wait for the winter and do it then. Heck, what do I care? I never know what I'm going to make from one week to the next. It all depends on the material that happens to jump out at me at any given moment.

Okay, so far in this post I've talked about thrift stores talking to me and fabric jumping out at me. Before I make myself look any crazier, I'll stop typing. But first, a couple more photos of things that are brown:

Sage and his pet "Snaily."

Malibu, Sunday afternoon.


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