Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Look ma! I cleaned my room!

I've documented my newly organized, color-coded and folded fabric for posterity's sake (because it probably won't stay this way for long):

It took me hours this weekend but I managed to find the floor, put things in designated places, complete a few projects, assess all that I have and even (gasp!) get rid of a few things. I'm over the first trimester hurdle and finally feeling like I'm getting my creative mojo back (and not falling asleep before 10 p.m.). Last night I made six! pairs of monster pants. I'm even managing to keep things nice and neat. See?

At least, this is what I call nice and neat. Others might call it crowded and cluttered. I've never really been one for minimalism.

Here's my bulletin board, crowded with pins I've collected from craft shows, cards from shops that carry kokoleo, flyers from shows I've been in, and a few kokoleo labels waiting to be sewn into yet-to-be-made purses and clothes.

Too bad I'm going to have to give up this room when the baby gets here. We're thinking of converting the porch in to the new kokoleo headquarters. Or maybe the garage. Porches and garages don't really make good nurseries. I simply have too much though to NOT have a space of my own. We'll figure something out. Life would be so much simpler if I didn't sew. Think of all the time I'd have! All the space I'd have!

Nahhh, that would be boring.

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