Friday, December 01, 2006

Me and my sexual buttons

Okay, you're going to have to keep reading to understand that title up there.

A few weeks ago I was psyched to get an order from Tel Aviv, Isreal. It was for my flower tote that had been featured on page 81 in issue #004 of N.E.E.T. magazine (another item they featured, my friendship pillow, was purchased by someone in Paris, France). Yesterday I received this email:

hello girls,
my name is Yael Regev and i am an Israeli journalist. i admire and am inspired by your work; therefore i have incorporated it in an article of mine.
it is in Hebrew, sorry, but enjoy anyway
Yael Regev

Sweet! Kokoleo's goin' global! Since the article was in Hebrew, I Googled around for a translation and all I could come up with was this:

"Mother in the fulltime job. Her love to sewing and cloths, brought her to try and to produce from it economic fringe benefits and in the this goal inaugurated her website. The site is designed in the amateurism of balance, visible laden and in disorder and will be prepared written in the clear fonts of word. A little depressing, lame beginning, but the designs completely is not bad.

Oanhorn offers varied eclectic stylistically and with respect to type of the products. The sewing and the decrees that is most basic, but the colorfulness that are abundant and the creativeness are thrilling.

Apparently that the woman supposed her paws on from stonecutter of fantasy Ointag ' desireable the most and authentic neighbour she creates clothes, purses, repairs and wallets are visible as if were yanked from the years 70 and therefore also the decrees that are basic and the oldfashioned add to the authenticity of the product. Oanhorn unafraid to combine between cloths with different adverse examples and mysteriously this exit her successful on the way that thought that only shade Stephanie was successful to slide.

By combination of the cloths that are random this, Oanhorn add to the most sexual buttons, embroideries and knitted oldfashioned applications of owls, girls of pin, berries and my bottle."

Ha! What? That's hilarious. Thanks Yael! Now I'm off to sew more sexual buttons on stuff. Hubba hubba.

4 comments: said...

Hope you love the Lucious Pies shirt!

Here's my translation for you, a bit rough due to the hour, but makes more sense than what Google gave you, lol:

KB Van Horn, creator of Kokeleo, is a full-time mother.
A love of sewing and fabrics moved (inspired) her to try and produce some financial good from that, and she launched her website with that goal (in mind),. The site is created amateurishly, loaded and disordered, its contents written in obvious Word fonts.

Van Horn offers a line eclectic from as style point of view and from the point of view of the type of products. She designs purses, dolls, hats, children's clothing, and adults' clothing that is not everyone's idea of style. The sewing and patterning may be quite basic, but the colorfulness and creativity are thrilling.

It seems the woman got her hands on a quarry (gold mine) of the most desirable and authentic vintage fabrics from which she designs clothing, bags, and wallets that look as if they landed from the 1970s, which is why the basic patterning and retro-ness add to the product's authenticity. Van Horn is not afraid to combine fabrics with different and opposing patterns, and in some mysterious way, it emerges in a way that you'd think only Gwen Stefani could pull off.

Van Horm adds to the random fabric combinations mini-buttons, embroidery and old fashioned applices of owls, pin-up girls, strawberries and wine bottles. And this is what looks the coolest and legitimate as only a completely original vintage item can look.

KB said...

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