Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Like shopping, only better

One of the great things about making stuff is being able to swap with other people who make stuff. In the past few months I've been able to clothe my boy, decorate my home and adorn myself in some fine handmade goods. Check it out:

I traded some kokoleo clothes for an original work of art by my friend Holly:

Score! I love it! I simply told her I was fond of fabric, Day of the Dead skeletony stuff and that the words "Forget-Me-Not" have a special meaning to me and she just went from there. I had no idea what to expect and was more than pleasantly surprised when I opened the box.

Also, from another crafty friend of mine, Adrien at Keen Designs, I got these:

Excuse my hairy neck. Ewww. But also, Ahhhh! Aren't they beautiful? I especially love her pirate stuff.

Sage is also a recipient of cool handmade stuff. Check him out in this cowboy tee by Bumba Dee (who I met at the Bazaar Bizarre) and funky patchy pants by Textile Fetish.

And finally, here's a nice haul I got at All Aboard!, a cool shop in Echo Park that carries kokoleo. I traded some diaper bags for some of the cool stuff that the owner Gina has in her shop - perfume, handmade stationary, notebooks, clocks, monsters etc. Sweet!

It's like I went on a big shopping spree and my bank account was none the wiser. Fun! Now, if only gas stations took stuffed monsters in exchange for filling up my tank or the electric company accepted baby clothes as payment, wouldn't that be nice?


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