Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hey Loretta!

I made myself some pants this morning:

Ew. That picture doesn't do the fabric justice. They look like polyester grandma pants. It's actually a vintage velour with an aqua paisley print on it and they are soooo soft and comfy. I made them to take the place of a pair of lounge pants that I finally admitted needed to be thrown away. Holes + stains = trash, right? I just loved the way they fit so I held on to them and simply confined them to inside the house. But this morning I realized how ugly they were so I cut them up and loosely used them as a pattern for these. I can't remember the last time I made something for myself. I'm usually so busy working on commissions or making random baby clothes and purses and whatnot for my webshop that I rarely consider keeping what I make anymore.

This afternoon I picked Sage up from preschool and took him out to lunch. I'm amazed that he's suddenly at an age where we can sit across from one another and have real conversations. I try to imagine us this way 5, 10, and 20 years from now and I just can't envision him all grown up. I want him to be little forever. I recently got an email from my former boss at my all time favorite job, The Dragonfly (a vintage clothing store I worked at in college) and she told me that her boys are now teenagers who tower over her. I remember when she was sending them off to kindergarten and now she's getting ready to send her oldest one off to Iraq.

Anyway, after lunch we visited 2 thrift shops and I got this:

Earrings, fabric, zippers and two books I've always wanted to own. When I got home I opened the Hand Made Modern book (a 99 cent investment) and found that it was signed by the author, Todd Oldman. Either that, or someone named Tom Blahbittyblah.

Hey Loretta! Thanks for the book.

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