Monday, March 31, 2008

Made by Raggedy Monday

McKenna got her first kokoleo sundress. She's finally at the point where she's not growing out of her clothes within weeks and I made this one big enough to last into the fall.

Seamstressing runs in our blood. Look at her examining my stitches.

Actually, she just thinks fringe is yummy. I made a series of sundresses with this print on them a few years ago, then last year, my friend Annette sent me more of the same fabric. Last week I finally cut into it, so much so that I've almost used it all up again. I made these:

Ladies size Large.
Ladies size small, with this

on the back.

And for the little ladies:
size 3T, and this
size 4T, both with "I Love You" hearts on the back.

I'm also working on two more sundresses, a wrap skirt, and maybe a few more shirts with the rest of the fabric. It's been a Raggedy week!


lisa {milkshake} said...

Yay! We need a new sundress here! Do you make size 5 or 6??

Anonymous said...

Okay KB, I think Avenelle and I need matching tees. The ladies L for me and a 4T for the little lady. Let me know if they are for sale.

KB said...

Lisa, the two other sundresses I cut out are a size 2 and 3/4. Malayna is growing fast! Sage barely even wears a 5/6. I have a vintage daisy print bedsheet I can combine with the 3/4 dress to make it a 5/6 - I'll see what I can do.

Rachel - the shirts are up on my website now. Remember to use your return customer discount code, email me if you've lost it. I'm glad you like the shirts - they'll look cute on you two.

Marcia said...

Very creative Ragedy Ann stuff! Cute baby girl too.


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