Sunday, February 28, 2016

Where have I been?

That last posts looks so strange to me now over a year later, living in Canada. So much has happened since then. I wish I had posted more photos of us in Seattle. I wish I documented more of the things I made. Truth is, I went down the depression rabbit hole for a while when we moved to Toronto and started another blog to write about it. It just didn't seem right to post those entries here amid my baby clothes and costumes and bright and goofy kokoleo stuff. You can read it here:, but I warn you, it's rather sad.

I want to resurrect this blog though and keep it going. I've invested 10 years into it so I shouldn't stop now. It looks like kokoleo is kaput but that's not the case; I'm pretty sure I'll always be doing kokoleo to varying degrees for the rest of my life. Here are some things I've made despite the difficulty of the past few months.

I'm still doing pillow commissions:

as well as pillowcase commissions...


and some banners...

and a special commission kokoleo first - a personalized reversible pet bed:

I was in a holiday group show at a gallery in our neighborhood:

 I made Annette, the owner, this banner as a thank you for being so nice.

She gave Erik a solo show this month and his paintings are currently filling the space floor to ceiling.

I made a custom plush from a kid's drawing:

I made some beanbags for the Town Run Brewery, a new pub my friend's Todd and Jessie opened in Shepherdstown: pictures to come

 I also manically made a ton of hair accessories one week:

and a few necktie headbands for the holiday show:

Last week I was getting my car tuned up on Danforth and decided to walk down the street. I found a children's clothing store called Merrily Merrily. They specialize in "New, nearly new, and upcycled whimsy for kids." That's what I specialize in too! I struck up a conversation with the co-owner Jane and gave her my card and by the end of our conversation I knew that the massive hoard of handmade kids' clothes I've been carting around needed to move into their store.

We set up a day and time to bring them in (last Friday) and the night before I went through the suitcases and trunks I use to store all my kokoleo creations. I separated out the grownup clothes and home decor and unfinished projects and filled my biggest suitcase full of kids clothes - stuff I made for crafts shows (that lifestyle seems so foreign to me now), stuff I retrieved from shops before I left L.A. and then Seattle, stuff I made for no apparent reason. Why do I hoard all this stuff? It does me no good to hide it all in a suitcase in my studio. I figured they would pick a few things to have in their shop. Nope. They picked EVERYTHING! I can't express how wonderful it was to see them love every single item I pulled out. What's more, they offer the most generous commission I've ever gotten from a shop plus they list everything online on their web page.

So now my kokoleos have a new home in Toronto. This may just be the encouragement I need to get back in my studio and make some more.


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