Tuesday, July 07, 2009

kokoleo in kids LA magazine

There's a new parenting magazine on newsstands in Southern California called kidsLA. When I first saw it I was struck with it's unique style and awesome photography, as well as it's local interest stories and emphasis on green living. After reading the issue I bought a subscription and wrote to Jemma Gafford, the editor-in-chief, to offer my craft tutorial writing services for any future issues.

And that's how I came to be in the summer issue:

That's me up there in the corner sipping an old-skool pop tab Pepsi at Wrightsville Beach circa 1976.

And here's the article I wrote on sun printing:

Sun printing is a fun project where you lay objects on top of specially treated photo-sensitive fabric (I got mine here) and end up with one-of-a-kind shadow prints. The kids enjoyed making them and I enjoyed writing about our experience. It's the kind of project that inspires even more crafty projects to happen. Here's a shirt I made for Erik with the sunprint he designed with his paintbrushes:

And here's a hanging pincushion I made from a sqaure decorated with my sewing notions:

We still have 12 squares left and I can't wait to make a new batch. I'm already envisioning patchwork scarves and garland flags for the kids rooms. Thanks kidsLA for the inspiration and for allowing me to be a part of such an awesome magazine!


susie said...

WOW, that's so cool! You definitely deserve a BIG congratulations! I'll have to look for the magazine....looks interesting.

sugarcreekstuff said...

I love the model in your spread. Yay!
I sent an award your way.


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