Monday, November 26, 2007

KB at 33

To the tune of "Happy Birthday":
Happy Birthday to me.
Today I'm 33.
I went out with my family
and we ate some sushi.

. . . and many mooore!

When I took that picture Erik said,"I don't want my dinner to be used as your blog fodder." Then I said, "Ooo, that's a good quote, I'm gonna use it on my blog." I love my blog fodder.

Sage took this picture of me with my cake:


Look at what I got!

the Muppet Show, Season 2 and A NEW CAMERA! A Nikon D80 to be exact (that's like, 40 numbers better than the D40 I've been wanting!) Who has the best husband in the world? I do!

(Now, let's hope this new camera will help us take better pictures.)


sugarcreekstuff said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The people I like best frequently are November babies.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
The D80! OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
You are a lucky lady!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow KB...HAPPY BELATED!!! 33's a great number! I'm glad you celebrated in good company :)

Carrie S. said...

Hey! Happy {belated} Birthday! Those are a couple of cute babes too!

[nice job to hubby on the camera]

textile_fetish said...

Yep. Happy belated birthday (smooch). How does a D80 translate into canon numbers?

Sheesh. You are a year-and-a-half younger than me!

KB said...

Damn Jennifer, you're oooold. Har.

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